Windsurfing can also be called board sailing. It is a sport which involves the travel over water on a small board (around 2-4.7 meter in length) powered by wind acting on a single sail that is connected to the board via a flexible joint.

Those who windsurf can travel over flat water as long as there is enough wind. Some can even cut into breaking waves and perform some spectacular moves and stunts.

Windsurfing is a sport for the old and the young where you can just enjoy the pleasure of the water or for those who want to take it a step further to compete in various contest and competitions. However,
windsurfing requires constant action of pulling on the upper body and can cause injuries if not done correctly so it is not recommended for children under to age of 12.

Windsurfing is a sport which can be quite costly with starting cost around US$1,000 which includes windsurfing equipments such as boards, sails, and wetsuits. Additional cost will be windsurfing lessons. But for those who get started in windsurfing will find that it would create quick additions and will try more than a few times and gain some speed.

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