Windsurfing Boards Categories Con't

Beginner boards – these boards are great for beginners to use. They are commonly known as daggerboard, which are around a meter in width. They are designed with plenty of volumes which offer greater stability.

Racing Long Boards – They are commonly Mistral One Design, or RS:X class race boards.

Originally windsurfer board’s body had been made of polyethylene filled with PVC foam. Later, hollow glass-reinforced epoxy designs were being used. And the boards we see today have an expanded polystyrene foam core reinforced with a composite sandwich shell, which can include carbon fiver, keylar, and/or fiberglass in a matrix of epoxy or PVC or even plywoodveneer and thermoplastics.

The material used for racing and wave boards are slightly different as they need to be lighter in weight (6-7 kg). They are usually made out of carbon sandwich to give that lighter feeling. Also veneer is
sometimes used to make them more shock-resistant. When using these boards extra care must be given as they are very brittle.

For those who are beginner to this sport, their boards are aimed to be slightly heavier (around 8 to 15 kg's) with more robust. These boards are usually made with more fiberglasses, or even with some indestructible molded plastic shell.

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