Windsurfing Lessons

Most windsurfing school will charge around US$50 to US$100 per lesson. The cost of the lesson will greatly depend on the type of lesson (private, semi-private or
class lesson), the duration of the lesson, and what level you are at. The charge of the lesson will also include the hire of equipment.

Windsurfing lesson can be divided into two categories:

Long board windsurfing beginners will learn to sail across the water, how to turn around, and sailing back on the beach.

More advance long board windsurfing will learn more advance techniques in turning and steering.

Short board windsurfing involves learning to water start. This is an essential for short board windsurfing. Beyond water starting and before the jibe there are many skills to be learned. These include foot
straps, the use of harness, and getting on a plane are only the few to be learnt. You would also learn jibing and how it is done correctly. To add some gravity to windsurfing and experience the ultimate thrill windsurfing has to offer you will also learn to sail your first wave.

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